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@IsrafelAngel I wanted you to have this when you logged on this morning. I can’t wait to see you on Saturday. Of course I would take any day with you, my angel. Happy Valentine’s Day.I love you,Izzy. Always and forever. 

Never Piss Off An Ex

*waves* Hey peeps! So uhhh wanted to give you the down low on what’s been going on. Funny thing actually. You know how it is when you part ways with someone and you kind of hope you never have to see them again? Yeah well sometimes the universe and karma both have a sense of humor. So why am I chatting at you from inside a chick’s cleavage? Here’s the spiel. Ran into a goddess that I kind of….had an affair with. You know how they are. Well apparently she found out some news about me being an archangel through pagan channels. Make a long story short…I pissed her off and BAM next thing I know I’m an action figure! I know right?? Heard something like this happened to Cas before? *shrugs* Anywho working on finding a way to reverse the spell. Oh don’t worry about me. I’ve had worse. And at the mo Izzy is keeping me safe in her cleavage *smirks* NO complaints. Who knows? I may just want to stay like this a little while longer *snickers* But seriously all goes well Izzy’s trying to set up a meeting with Dad to fix this by tomorrow. But you know how he is lately….drinking and waking up nakey in the woods somewhere. Yeah you KNOW he is. Now if you will excuse me I have some….puppies to snuggle with *Grins* Check ya later and ciao for now!

The Gabester

The REAL Dealie

So in the midst of being pissy I forgot to post the REAL links for my celeb twin @dicksp8jr .My bad.



ACCEPT NO OTHER IMMITATIONS! And if you see other links? REPORT. Let’s show these fakers that we mean BUSINESS and WILL protect our celebs!

ALERT: Celeb Twin Impersonator At Large!!!


Do I look pissy here? GOOD. Because I AM. As most know it takes MUCHO to get me to this point but I am SO there. I’ve been nice about not saying anything about this dick for months here but now that is DONE. Someone on FB is claiming to be my celeb twin @dicksp8jr and that is just WRONG. And not only that but saying that the REAL Richard’s Twitter is FAKE. What the *cusses in Enochian*  Ok. First of all would the REAL Richard have time to answer everyone’s posts? HELLS NO. Because he is a celeb and has a REAL life. Second, would he speak in broken English?? And even worse…USE TEXT SPEAK?? Because yeah that is how this dude talks. He is claiming that they are all fake but his account. Got some news for you bud. Saying that you have proof that you are Richard because of some pathetic chick who claims to be Alona Tal (with not even the same name and who also speaks broken English) and someone else who says it too? Yeah, those are just WORDS. Where is your REAL so called proof? And another thing. If you ARE going to impersonate my celeb twin? At least be CLOSE to him! I mean HELL I am NOT impersonating my celeb twin and I have been told that I am his twin for a reason! Just posting pics and making up stories is NADA. You are like the bottom of the slime in a pond! You should be ashamed of yourself that you are tricking peeps(NOT in a good way) and getting your jollies off of it! I hope karma nails your ass! So yeah if you have FB report his dick Please spread the word about his arrogant ass hat and show him that we WILL protect my celeb twin! I apologize for this rant but it was needed. Let’s take this chucklehead DOWN. Thanks for listening!

Check ya later and ciao for now!

The Gabester

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Here’s a special dedication to my little angel princess Star from her proud daddy! *grins*

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Here’s a Happy 2 year Anniversary to @IsrafelAngel from her hubby *winks*

Rockin' Gabe - Happy Birthday, Izzy!
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Here’s a special B-Day message to my wife @IsrafelAngel from her hubby *winks* Happy Birthday, my angel!

Fake Celeb Twin Alert!!!



Hey peeps! So I’ve heard through the grapevine and also my celeb twin @dicksp8jr as well that some out there have been pretending to be him? This is NOT cool. Now in the past I have had some followers think that I was really him BUT as flattered as I was I IMMEDIATELY set them straight. We have been told we are twins yes but I am NOT my celeb twin. The REAL deal is @dicksp8jr and (His FB page) Anything else is a FAKE. As my celeb twin said “RPing is fun but lying is lame” So just keep a heads out. And if you DO see someone claiming to be him? Yeah, report and tell them to knock it off! Spread the word! Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby! *grins*

Check ya later and ciao for now!

The Gabester

Letting Go

So over Memorial Day @IsrafelAngel and i did a little scene offline concerning Gabriel and Michael. Basically of him dealing with the death of his brother from a year ago. We decided to share it so hear ya go! Hope you enjoy it! And MUCHO thanks to my AWESOME RPing partner for letting me do this!

 Gabriel: *walking with you* Well, we jammed to some Journey last night. I mean…Dad was FUN. Can you believe it? I got him to loosen up! And we got talking and…well….mmmaybe I kind of pushed him toward it…BUT he wants to have us host a party. To…show that Heaven are not a bunch of goody goodies? *Grins* Or…that was HIS reason.

Izzy: Oh good! *smiling up at you* I’m so glad you had a wonderful time. It’s so nice that you and he are reconnecting after all this time. I think it’s doing you good to be talking to him again.

Gabriel: Yeah. So we were thinking of a party theme. And have it start early so that you can be there too?

Izzy: You were? Oh Gabriel don’t make it early on my account. I’m never any good at parties and I’d only be in the way.

Gabriel: Oh HELLS NO. I gotta have my groovy chick there with me.

Izzy: Groovy chick? *giggles* I don’t know about that. But if you want me around maybe I could help organise things? Cook some food for your guests?

Gabriel:  Maybe….roller skate?

Izzy: Excuse me?? You want ME to roller skate? *looking at you wide eyed*

Gabriel:  Ummm…yes? I was thinking maybe of turning the back yard into a small roller rink? I mean…I’ll figure it out. I always do. And I would love to teach you to roller skate.

Izzy:  Yes but…*pointing to my belly* Now?? What if I topple over forwards?! I mean…I am a little…front heavy?

Gabriel:  *glancing at your belly* Oh….I….forgot that. Umm…well…what about if I pulled you in something? Or…well…I’ll think of something. I want you there,Izzy. Please?

Izzy:  Pulled me? *I take both of your hands, touched by your kind gesture* That really is sweet of you and if you want me there then of course I will be *reaching up a hand to touch your cheek* You really want me there?

Gabriel:  HELLS YEAH I do. *reaching up placing my hand over yours on my cheek*  Izzy, you are my everything! I want to try and share everything with you.

Izzy:  *stroking my thumb over your cheek* Did I mention that I love you? I love that you want to share things with me. Just like going to Michael’s grave? I’m honoured you’ll let me come with you.

Gabriel:  I love you too. And I was going to ask you but…I didn’t want you to be brought down because of me. Because…well….I still miss him?

Izzy:  Oh sweetheart. You don’t bring me down. I know you miss him and I want to help you through it. If…you’ll let me? There are some beautiful roses in the garden that we can pick before we leave. I’m sure he’d like them.

Gabriel:  I mean…it’s been what….a year? Yet to me it seems like yesterday. And you will help me? I would like that. Roses? I think that would be perfect.

Izzy:  Come on *leading you out towards the garden, I grab the cutters on the way from the shelf by the back door* It takes time to heal. It’s different for us Gabriel. He was your brother for thousands of years and not just a few. That connection is so much stronger than a humans and it will take you years to heal. But that’s what I’m here for. To take care of you and walk beside you at times like this.

Gabriel:  I mean…some would argue that I bitch about how he bullied me? Which…he did. But…after he stood up for me in that court room? And then…he changed. To have the brother you always wanted and then to have it just…snatched away from you *sighs* You’re the only one who really understands.

Izzy:  Hey…*turning and handing you the cutters* I do understand and I’m sorry I’d forgotten that this day was coming up. Why didn’t you mention it this morning?

Gabriel:  Because…I was just glad to see you? *taking the cutters before walking into the garden*

Izzy:  Oh Gabriel *stopping in front of you, I wrap my arms around your neck and pull you to me as I rub a hand down your back* We’ll do this together ok? It’s only been a year since you put up that memorial. Those scars aren’t going to heal over night and I’m right here beside you *holding you to me*

Gabriel:  *laying my head on your shoulder* You…you really mean that. Don’t you?

Izzy:  Of course I do. I don’t want you holding anything back from me ok? We’re a team and I’m sharing in this with you. Not to be selfish but because you need me. You need someone to share this grief with because this is too much for you on your own.

Gabriel:  Sounds funny. An immortal not being able to handle things?

Izzy:  Gabriel there is a lot that we need each other to handle. Just because we’re immortal doesn’t mean that we don’t feel things. Being an immortal means that we feel them stronger than humans. *caressing your hair as I pull back to look at you* Let’s get these roses cut. I know where there are some beautiful ones.

Gabriel:  You’re right. And since embracing my humanity it’s became more intense. Ok. You lead the way.

Izzy:  It’s not a bad thing my angel. It just….takes a little time to get used to *leading you over to the large red roses trailing along the garden wall* I’m not used to it either but…I haven’t lost a brother like you have. *stopping and pointing to a large patch of big red roses, the petals catching the sunlight beautifully* These are the best roses in the garden and I think he’d love these, don’t you?

Gabriel:  *nods* I’m so glad I have you. You always know just what to say *glancing at the roses* Oh yes! These are perfect! *walking forward with the cutters and snipping some*

Izzy:  *making a basket appear and waiting for you to place the roses in it* I only listen to my heart before I talk to you *smiling softly* You’re my husband and I know you. I just know what you need to hear.

Gabriel:  *placing the roses in the basket* You do? Really? Listen to your heart?

Izzy:  Yes I do *arranging the roses and pulling off a few stray leaves as you place them into the basket* I know you and I know how you’re feeling some days. Like today? I knew there was something wrong before I asked.

Gabriel:  *pausing in thought* That’s right….you did. See…no one else would have known that.

Izzy:  No but like I said, I know you *kneeling down beside you and pointing out a lovely big rose* That one is beautiful.

Gabriel:  *looking back up at you* Not as beautiful as you.

Izzy:  *blushing as I look back at you* You’re always full of compliments for me.

Gabriel:  Because you deserve them

Izzy:  *leaning over to kiss your cheek* You’re a sweetheart, you really are. I think we have enough roses if you’re ready to go? *offering you the basket*

Gabriel:  *slowly nodding as I take the basket and rise to my feet* Think any other angels will be there? Or even remember it’s there?

Izzy:  I think there may be a few milling around. *getting up slowly, and holding your arm as I take in a breath* Maybe there will be flowers there already. Remember that…you lost a brother but others have lost friends and partners too. That is a memorial for all the fallen and lost angels.

Gabriel:  Well….yeah. I was hoping that it was something all the angels could have? So that they could have a place to remember? I just don’t know how many remember it?

Izzy:  I’m sure it’s more than you realise *rubbing a hand over my belly as I take your hand and bring it to my lips. Turning it over and kissing your wrist softly* Lets go and see shall we?

Gabriel:  You think so? I mean…part of my thing for taking over Heaven was I wanted to bring human traditions too. Try and connect us? *nodding* Ok. *watching as Odin comes running forward barking with Seren not far behind* Ah, ah, Odin. You stay here and look after your adopted daughter. Izzy and I will be back soon. Don’t worry.

Izzy:  More angels than you think have embraced the human way of life. Some live on earth as we do and use their powers as little as we do. *turning and seeing Odin, I bend down to him and Seren and pull a biscuit from my pocket for them both* Good boy, look after her and we won’t be long.  *letting Seren lick my hand* Look after Odin for me Seren. *standing back up and linking my arm with yours*

Gabriel:  Those two are perfect for each other *looking at Odin and Seren* I think…he likes being a dad again. And you’re right. Sorry I’m getting all mushy. Ok, let’s do this *snapping fingers and teleporting us to Heaven and to where the monument is*

Izzy:  *As we appear I give your hand a squeeze and I turn to you* Don’t apologise for showing your feelings. It’s just us here and you know you can be yourself with me. Do you…want me to wait here?

Gabriel:  Yes, I can be. *shaking my head* Can you just…like stand back a little? I don’t want you to be too far away from me.

Izzy:  I’ll stand right here *bringing your hand to my lips and kissing it softly before letting go* I won’t move, I promise.

Gabriel:  *turning to you and placing my hand on your cheek* Thank you.

Izzy:  You’re welcome. Go on *smiling softly as I take a step back* Go and talk to your brother.

Gabriel:  *nodding before turning back around and walking to the monument with my basket of roses. Glancing up at the statute of Michael before slowly getting on my knees and placing the basket on the ground* Hey,big bro. Sorry haven’t been here. Lots of changes going on. Looks like…this has been kept up pretty well.I guess others care about it as much as I do. *chuckles* Did I mention I suck at this whole…talking to someone who isn’t there bit? I mean…here I am talking to my dead archangel brother about how this monument looks good. I just….I can’t believe it’s been this long since I last saw you. That day….the last day I saw you…I just…I wish I had known I would never see you again. I mean…I would have said something more meaningful. Yeah, I know we all go through this. And yeah I know shouldn’t feel guilt about anything. But…I do. I mean…it’s not like I’m why you died right?I mean….I didn’t even friggin know that you were going on that damn mission in the first place! I know that you were under strict orders but why couldn’t you have told me?? I’m your brother! I’ve known you longer than…*shaking my head as I close my eyes* I’m sorry. I didn’t come here to be angry. I know…that we’ve been taught to let things go. Anger…guilt and that I tell others to do it *raising my head and looking up at the statute* So tell me why I can’t with you? I mean…after how you treated me when I was fledgling…I shouldn’t give two shits about you! But I DO. Because you told me why you did what you did.I was just too selfish to realize it. And now…here I am as leader of Heaven and there are times I just feel so lost. All I’m trying to do is the right thing. And look what happened? I tried to give Lucifer a second chance because all I wanted was my fam back! I almost ended up destroying Heaven and the human race along with it. I know that wouldn’t have happened if you had been here. *sighing as I put my head in my hands*

Izzy:  *I stand far enough away not to be a bother but close enough to hear what you’re saying. I watch your shoulders sag as you put your head in your hands and I approach quietly. Kneeling down beside you as I lay a hand on your back. I don’t say a word as I gently unfurl my wings and wrap them around your shoulders*

Gabriel:  *feeling your wings around me as I let out a slight sniffle and slowly raise my head from my hands* See her? She’s the one who has made me stronger. Without her…I don’t know what I would do. I know…what you did…when we were fledglings. I want you to know…that I forgive you. If anything…you pushed us even closer together. But…I know…that you are disappointed in what happened with Lucifer. I’m sorry! I really thought he had changed! But now I know the truth. And to me…he is dead. But….I won’t honor him as I do you. And…with Dad back now…I hope we can try and rebuild our fam. But even if we do…it will never truly be the same without you. And….your….your niece just had a birthday last week. One year old. And Jareth is just growing like a tree. And…we have another angel princess on the way. *giving a small smile* So you see? Our fam is continuing on.

Izzy:  *I see the tears in your eyes and move a little closer to you. I still don’t say anything as I let you talk and I look towards the statue and lower my head a little towards Michael’s statue in respect. All those years of pain that had been caused by being apart from you didn’t seem to matter as much when I saw how upset you are over your brother. I know you’re right too. We are closer now than we ever were. I move my hand from your back and let my wing curl around you as I find your hand and link my fingers to yours. Gently stroking my thumb over your skin in a loving gesture*

Gabriel:  *turning slightly as I feel our fingers link before looking back up at the statute again feeling a little more sense of strength* You’re right. We do all make mistakes and learn from them. I can almost hear you saying that now. But when it means almost losing your home? Maybe I was being selfish in wanting my fam back? Was that the lesson? Was I heading toward pride like Lucifer? All I want is peace and love for everyone. I don’t understand why no one would want that? Why would others want pain and violence? *pausing* There was something else. I had a nightmare about all the angels from Heaven falling to Earth. And that…that scared me. Because…even though things here were chaotic I know you would NEVER let something like that happen. So  what could? It’s bad enough I almost destroyed Heaven the first time. I think the second time…I would want to just go with it.I don’t know. I just…please give me your guidance? In whatever way you can? If you do…I promise to stop rambling *giving a light chuckle*

Izzy:  *giving your hand as squeeze as you speak and smiling up at the statue, I take a rose from the basket quietly and place it at Michael’s foot, in my own gesture and way of saying goodbye. I don’t feel like I should say anymore. I just let you talk it out*

Gabriel:  Just…next time I’m gonna screw up? And you know it? How about a slap upside the head? Hell, I’ll even take a kick in the ass! I’m still a newbie about this. I promise…that I will be more careful.  I’ll do everything I can for our Heavenly fam. But if you ever tell me to try and forget you?Not gonna happen. Sorry but that’s just how it’s gotta be. I just can’t let you go,big bro.And am I still mad about you being taken away? HELLS YEAH I am. Your death brought out anger in me that I have never known. Is that why sometimes I get so angry?Because I won’t let it go? But how can I? You were murdered! And you weren’t supposed to be able to die in the first place! Not the Archangel Michael! The fierce lion and slayer of evil! I guess…that’s why I’m so angry. Because you didn’t deserve to die. Pretty pathetic huh?If I could find a way to bring you back I would. I know…I can just hear you saying leave you where you are. Because without your death I wouldn’t be where I am now. If that’s true?SCREW IT. *closing my eyes and taking breaths as I try and calm down*

Izzy:  *Now is the time to speak and I turn to you a little and wrap my arm around your shoulder and whisper in your ear* Sssssshh its alright Gabriel. Just…let it go. It’s only me here. Cry…scream…hit…I don’t care but you’re holding all this in and you need to let it go now. *kissing your cheek softly* let it go…

Gabriel:  *shaking as I lean against you* I know you don’t want to hear this. I would give away my leadership if it meant having my big bro back. Because I know…with the way you changed that we could have worked together. *taking a breath* I mean…did you even try and fight them? And you just ran in there not even thinking! How could you…why sacrifice yourself? You weren’t just a warrior! You were the leader of Heaven! Heaven needed you! I…*clenching my other fist*

Izzy:  *I can feel the anger rolling off you and as I wrap my grace around your own I feel it throb angrily. Mine trying to sooth yours gently. I notice you clench your fist and I whisper once more* Let it go my angel. I’m here.

Gabriel:  I….*staring at the statute before shaking my head* I can’t. *turning back to your burying my head into your shoulder* I can’t, Izzy! I’m sorry!

Izzy:  Hey…hey…*Not missing a beat as I wrap you in my arms and caress your hair softly. My wings curl around you and hold you closely to me* Don’t apologise to me. There is nothing to be sorry for *rocking you gently* Its ok, I’m here.

Gabriel:  I know you want me to let it out but I…I just can’t. *sobbing as I turn my head and clutch onto you tightly*

Izzy:  Oh sweetheart *cuddling close as I keep rocking you* You are. You don’t need to fight the world to let it out my angel. Your tears say it all. You’ve needed this, don’t you see? Sometimes we all just need to cry to release things. You’re doing it.

Gabriel:  They..they do? I just can’t let go of him. I know I should.  But…I’m afraid

Izzy:  Oh Gabriel no. I didn’t mean let go of his memory *pulling back ever so slightly, I wipe your tears with my hand* I meant to just let go and release that energy. It’s making you sad and angry, bottling up all your feelings about your brother. *placing my hand on your cheek* You have no reason to be afraid my love. I’m right beside you. I have been here through all of this with you and I will be for centuries to come. We face this together. As a team *resting my forehead to yours*

Gabriel:  But..I shouldn’t have all these feelings about him *looking back at you* Should I?

Izzy:  *looking deep into your eyes as I offer a slight smile* Why not? He was and still is…your big brother. Why wouldn’t you have feelings about him? You’ve not allowed yourself to grieve enough my angel. You smashed up your fountain and then shut it all away. You refused to let me in and it’s done no good. Now is the time to start healing. By that I don’t mean letting his memory go completely. I just mean you need to think about him without all this pent up aggression and emotions. Does that make sense?

Gabriel:  Even if they are towards him?

Izzy: How do you mean? Feelings of anger towards him?

Gabriel:  *slowly nodding* I’m angry that he didn’t come to me. He should have known that I would have kept his secret.

Izzy:  I know Gabriel and we’ll never know why he didn’t. I know that if we did then that would make it easier on you *rubbing a hand down your back* What he did was selfish.

Gabriel:  Then I’m not wrong for feeling this way?

Izzy:  Of course you aren’t. It’s perfectly natural. *giving a soft smile* You just need to let go of that anger.

Gabriel:  So what do I do? Just…talk to him about how I really feel? As if it was right here?

Izzy:  If that would help then yes. Maybe we could….try that visualisation thing again? Like before with the fire? Do you think you could?

Gabriel:  You mean….visualize him here?

Izzy:  *nodding* I’ll be right here with you.

Gabriel:  So…I see him here and just talk to him? As I am to you right now?

Izzy:  Mmm Hmm Do you…think you could?

Gabriel:  I can try? If you’re here with me.

Izzy:  Of course I’ll be here with you *placing a hand on your cheek* Close your eyes and take a deep slow breath.

Gabriel:  Ok *slowly closing my eyes and taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly*

Izzy:  *letting my voice drop to a soft tone* Just keep breathing. I want you to imagine cloud swirling around you. Just take a moment to see them curling around you. Reach out a hand to touch them if you wish. Feel the soft cotton like air beneath your fingers.

Gabriel:  A cloud? *nodding as I continue to breathe* I…I see it. Do you mean like reach out my fingers for real?

Izzy:  No, just imagine it. Visualise your fingers moving through the cloud. *waiting for a moment* Do you feel it?

Gabriel:  Ok *in my mind visualizing me reaching out to touch the cloud* Yes…I’m….I’m doing it…

Izzy:  Just keep breathing. *placing a hand on your back* Now…imagine the clouds parting and beyond that, there is a garden. A garden in heaven. See the flowers and the trees? Feel the sun on your face as the breeze moving across your skin.

Gabriel:  Ok *squinting slightly* I can see the garden.It’s just like the one in Heaven. Is that right?

Izzy:  Stay relaxed and calm. *my voice soft as I speak close to your ear* It’s the garden you used to play in as a child. Do you see it? You’re nearly ready to see him now *taking your hand* Do you still want to?

Gabriel:  Ok *taking in some more breaths* Yes, I…I see it. I remember playing in it. Yes. I….I need to see him. Please…

Izzy:  OK he’s coming now…look to your left and you’ll see him.

Michael: *from the left hand side of your viewpoint Michael walks towards you. He’s wearing a black suit and his wings are outstretched. He walks closer and waits for a moment before speaking “Hello Gabriel”*

Gabriel: *in my mind turning my head to the left where I see Michael*I…I see him. *swallowing slightly as if I’m reverting back to when I was a fledgling and bowing my head slightly* Hello, brother.

Michael:  ”There is no need to bow to me Gabriel. You are the leader of heaven now, not me” *he places a hand on your shoulder* “You needed to see me?”

Gabriel:  Oh. *raising my head* I don’t know why I….*fidgeting with my hands* Yes, I…I needed to see you.Want to talk to you about something. This…this isn’t easy for me to say…

Michael:  ”Gabriel. Always so nervous around me” *A soft smile crosses his face* “There’s no need to be…not here. Shall we walk?” *he links his hands behind his back and turns towards the right and towards a stream leading through the garden*

Gabriel:  Well, you are my big brother *giving a slight smile* Walk? All right *walking after you* I ask that you please not be angry with me with what I am about to say.

Michael:  ”Angry?” *He doesn’t look towards you as he walks. Instead keeping his eyes on the trees ahead* “This doesn’t sound like something I’m going to want to hear” *turning to look at you* “Well…”

Gabriel:  *not looking at you as I continue walking*I can’t help it. I was told that I need to let this out. It’s been haunting me for over a year now. And the last thing I want to do is upset you but…*turning to look at you* Why didn’t you tell me what you were doing? I mean…you didn’t have to give me specifics but you could have at least told me you were working on some kind of mission. Why did you leave me in the dark like that?? Didn’t you trust me? I thought we were brothers?

Michael:  *he sighs and goes quiet for a moment as he thinks, turning back to look at the trees ahead* “You think I wanted to keep you in the dark? Gabriel I had no choice. Whatever you may think of me and I know that I may not have been fair to you as a fledgling but…you are my brother and I wouldn’t have you die for no reason in a battle that wasn’t yours. I left you in the dark to protect you, not to push you out”

Gabriel:  Protect me? We are archangels! Our fam is away from the angels! Whatever we do it’s together!

Michael:  *holding up at hand to stop you* “Not this time Gabriel. This was my fight. Not yours. Don’t you see? You had a destiny to fulfil. The leader of heaven position was always yours after it was mine. I was never meant to hold it forever. Everything has an end Gabriel. Mine came”

Gabriel:  But you are the lion! The fierce protector of Heaven! You weren’t supposed to die!Destiny or not!

Michael:  ”Little brother…” *stopping in his tracks, he places his hands on your shoulders and looks down at you* “Even Lions cannot live forever. You know that even being immortal doesn’t mean we can survive a battle like that. My path was laid out for me and I looked death in the eye and went with him. Why is this haunting you so?”

Gabriel:  Because! *sighs* I had just gotten you back! I mean…the past we had….I had a chance to start over! And I felt like that was given to me…to US. I just wanted to have my fam back! And then it was like Death was laughing at me when you were snatched! We didn’t even have a real chance to start over! It wasn’t fair! I feel like I was being punished or something!

Michael:  ”Death wasn’t doing it to punish you Gabriel. You couldn’t have become leader without me there and that is a job that you were born for. Your destiny little brother. You are more important to heaven than you realise. What happened was…just bad timing. If I could have more time on earth then I would. But it wasn’t meant to be” *turning and heading towards a nearby tree. He places a hand on its trunk and leans against it* “You meant a lot to me Gabriel. Even as a fledgling. Lucifer he…was the one that practically raised you but I…” *turning to look at you* “I was always there. Testing you. Challenging you. Making you into the archangel I see before me now”

Gabriel:  But I wasn’t ready to be leader, Michael! Hell, I don’t think I am even now! I mean…I wanted to create my own path! If I was gonna head off of a cliff I was going to take others with me! I have what humans call a conscience…guilt. And the fact that I could be responsible for others because they followed me? I can’t. What?Challenging me? Michael, because of you I felt like I was worth nothing except the dirt under someone’s shoe!

Michael:   ”You assume you’re not ready because of me” *He looks unsure of himself for a moment before clearing his throat* “Because of the things I did to you as a fledgling. I…can only apologise for that. I was being what I thought I should be in father’s eyes. I was always the leader, the one that others looked up to and it all went to my head a little. I developed what the humans call….an ego. I assumed that you should be brought up the way I was. But you and I are polar opposites Gabriel and that is why that method didn’t work”

Gabriel:  *looking at you with a stunned look* What? You’re telling me you treated me that way because you thought it was what dad wanted?

Michael:  “I’m telling you that I treated you that way because that is how I was treated. I thought that’s what you needed to grow up to be a leader. The leader that I knew one day you would have to be”

Gabriel: And that was what pushed me into Lucifer. You didn’t treat him that way. You two were practically joined at the hip until dad left. Wasn’t he in for leadership before me?

Michael:  *Shaking his head* “Lucifer had always showed qualities that father didn’t want in a leader of heaven. It had to be you Gabriel. Lucifer and I were close once and the assumption was that I didn’t care when he was cast out.” *huffing out a laugh* “Oh if only the others knew”

Gabriel: But Lucifer is strong and intelligent when it comes to fighting. I’m….I’m NONE of that! I’m just a messenger who knows MAYBE how to negotiate? I know NADA about fighting tactics of battle plans! As for casting out Lucifer? I knew. How could you not with how close you were?

Michael:  *suddenly a bench appears in front of the stream. A bench identical to the one that was placed in the garden where all the archangels used to sit as fledglings. He walks over and sits on the bench, calling back over his shoulder* “Sit down Gabriel. Why is it you assume that being a leader must mean that you have to be good in battle” *clasping his hands in his lap* “A great leader is someone who can see the fight without needing to be directly in it. Someone who can lead others with words and not just strength. You have something that I lacked Gabriel. You have a voice”

Gabriel: *staring a moment as the bench appears* Because that is how you were? *walking over the bench and taking a seat* And many of the leaders I have known had at least some smarts for it.  What? You’re telling me that my..method of verbal persuasion is more effective? Yeah. Sure. I’ll just stand in the middle of a battle on top of a platform and preach while everyone around me gets slaughtered.

Michael:  *he stays quiet for a moment before he speaks* “Again with that sharp tongue of yours little Brother. I wasn’t talking about standing on a battle field and trying to make yourself heard. I was talking about making yourself understood before battle. So that those that have to fight go out with your words in their head” *holding up a hand* “Never underestimate yourself Gabriel. You assume that you aren’t worth anything because you aren’t a physical fighter. But when you’re like I am, you’re expected to use your fists before you think. I could never have a grasp on words like you do. THAT is what makes you a great leader”

Gabriel: *chuckles* You’re making me sound like the president in Independence Day who gives that speech before going into battle. Only difference is…he DID fight. Fighting with your troops gives them even more inspiration,Michael. Because it lets them know that you are willing to die fighting for whatever it is just like they are. Instead of standing back and watching from a safe distance.

Michael:  “And what if you went into battle Gabriel and you died. Just as I did, and you left without another firm leader in place. Chaos is what happens and it leaves heaven open and in danger. It was my fault that you weren’t made aware of your role before I died. I kept it from you because I could see that you had what you’d craved for centuries. A family. You were happy and…I stupidly hoped that I could put off the inevitable”

Gabriel: It’s one of the responsibilities you take, Michael. The risk. So you didn’t want to tell me because I had a family? So you would just let something happen to us then? Brothers….that don’t keep things like that away from each other. Yeah, I know that I left Heaven and went into hiding. I’m not exactly a good role model either.

Michael:  “What would you have done in my situation Gabriel? I was doing something to make up for what I’d let you down on so many times before. I understand that I’d never been the brother you wanted or needed me to be. I had one chance to make that up to you and yet I failed again. You see the Lion, as you would call me isn’t always as strong as he appears”

Gabriel: But you could have been,Michael! If we had just had more time together. And yes you were always the strong one. Look how long…Heaven remained protected because of you. Did anyone ever really oppose you?

Michael:  “And there is something that goes with holding that sword. My strength meant that others were afraid to oppose me. That…has its good and bad points. Angels fearing me was never something I planned on. Since being under your control, heaven has found a new life. Angels aren’t as afraid as they once were, under my leadership” *resting his forearms on his lap as he leans forwards* “Time is something I don’t have Gabriel. You know that. Once you open your eyes you know I am gone”

Gabriel: But I NEED you,Michael! I need you to teach me what you know! We…we could have even ruled together! You didn’t deserve to die so that I could take your place! I’m sorry but I REFUSE to accept that!

Michael:  *Taken aback by your sudden burst of anger, he sits back up and turns to you* “I didn’t die for that reason Gabriel. Everything must have its end. My time was up and I can’t stay with you now” *placing a hand on your shoulder* “You have a lot of anger in you brother. Anger that isn’t healthy for you to bottle up. You have to channel it. You don’t need me Gabriel” *he offers a slight smile* “Everything I am, you carry with you”

Gabriel: But you were IMMORTAL! That means there is NO end. *letting out a breath as I let my head drop* So what now you’re saying that I need some kind of angel psychologist?

Michael:  “You cover up a lot of your feelings with wit don’t you? You learnt to do that as a fledgling. That was another one of my….teachings” *He looks back towards the stream* “you died Gabriel. Died at the hands of Lucifer. The only reason you are here is because you managed to make it out of purgatory. As the Winchesters made it out of hell. They aren’t immortal and yet they cheat death but I am immortal so the rules are reversed. I couldn’t cheat him forever. At the end I didn’t even want to. I’ve done my fighting Gabriel. I know you don’t want to hear this but now it’s your time to take my place. I have faith in you brother”

Gabriel:  You’re making it seem like Death had it out for you more than dad? So you just…gave up your immortality to Death because you were tired?? If you were tired why didn’t you just ask for a retirement plan?? And yes I DO cover up my feelings with my wit at times. What is wrong with that?

Michael:  *Sighing as he just lets your anger roll over him* “There is no need for raised voices Gabriel. Yes I was tired but it was made clear to me as a young angel that you were to take my place. I was to be ready to step down and I knew then it was to be in battle. That was my job as leader. To fight! So you see why your words mean more to heaven’s safety than my strength ever did. Strength can be taken away like that” *he holds up a hand to snap his fingers* “Words stay in here” *tapping his head* “and in here” *laying a hand over his heart*

Gabriel: *turning to you with my fist clenched* Then why didn’t you tell me?? Why didn’t you tell me before you went off to….DIE in your battle? You couldn’t tell me what you were doing? Knowing that I wouldn’t have told anyone! I thought we were brothers! Instead I had to hear it from some…messenger who had your…scorched remains in a  damn box! *turning my head away*

Michael:  *he watches your fist clench and stands, looking away to the stream for a moment before turning back to face you* “You think I didn’t want to tell you?! You think I wanted to die alone and have no one know except some damn messenger that was to bring my remains home?! Do you not understand Gabriel! You would have found a way to follow me! You would have met me on that battle field and you would have died along with me! Then where would heaven be??” *looming over you* “I’ll tell you where it would be shall I?? It would be in flames Gabriel. Angels slaughtered and because of what? Because you would have put me before all the garrisons of angels up there?! Don’t you see how I couldn’t tell you?! I can’t apologise for not telling you because I’m not sorry that you’re still alive! I’m not sorry that you’re a better leader than I was! I’m not sorry that you’re living your life and I’m not sorry that I’m DEAD!”

Gabriel: I died alone too, Michael! Only I wasn’t killed by some stranger or….or even enemy! I was killed by my own brother! OUR brother! I was murdered trying to stand up for what I believed in! For what DAD believed in! I friggin took Dad’s side and wanted to deliver his intended message and he left me to DIE. Left me to die alone on some damn hotel ballroom floor! And at that time the only love I had and the one who cared about me was still in Heaven!Oh but I had been made to forget about her! And you’re wrong! I wouldn’t have followed you. Had you told me to keep it a secret I WOULD have. I thought you knew me? *a pained look on my face* I guess I was wrong.

Michael:  “So you’re telling me that you wouldn’t have followed me and tried to save me?” *looking down at you curiously as he folds his arms over his chest* “Because I don’t believe you. I know how loyal you are to your family and how much being one of the Princes of heaven means to you” *he looks at you and makes a move to place a hand on your shoulder before he hesitates and pulls back* “I do know you Gabriel and that’s why it hurt me not to tell you. I wish you could see my side and know that I wasn’t doing it to be selfish but to protect you. The future leader and my brother from the pain I went through before I died”

Gabriel:  Don’t believe me? *snorts* Don’t….don’t….be ridiculous. Of course my fam is everything to me. I just don’t understand why you couldn’t have told me this while you were alive instead of in some…vision.

Michael:  “Told you what? That I was going into battle and…Oh by the way, you’re going to be leader of heaven because I’m going to die!” *sighs* “Don’t be ridiculous Gabriel. What part of protecting you don’t you understand?”

Gabriel:  It just wasn’t FAIR! Ok? We were brought back together for a second chance and then you were just taken away! Yeah, I AM pissed about it! I can’t help it! And don’t tell me that I shouldn’t be!

Michael:  “Gabriel. I didn’t say you shouldn’t be upset! But what I’m trying to get through to you is that I didn’t want it to end like this! The only good to come out of the short time we were allowed was that you and I were reacquainted again. I never wanted to be some estranged brother that you were ashamed of. All the time we were in heaven I wanted to be the one you looked up to but I went about it wrong! I should have been the brother you longed for not the one that bullied you. I’ll admit that I was…jealous of certain relationships you held there. You always were likeable and kind. I was just some marble statue that people feared. As I’ve said, I never wanted that”

Gabriel: So what is it that you want me to do then? What do I need to do….to move on from this? If you want to be that brother you talked about…then show me…tell me…right now.

Michael:  *coming to sit down beside you again* “For a start you need to calm down. You have something that I didn’t. You have the love of someone that is willing to sacrifice everything just to be with you” *holding up a finger* “That isn’t something to be treated lightly. You know what it was like to die alone once. Don’t shut out the ones that care and then put yourself in that position again” *he thinks for a moment before reaching into his pocket and taking out a stone* “here, take this. It was in my pocket when I died. It’s the last thing I can give to you” *He frowns as he watches you take the small stone* “Just something I picked up when I was a fledgling. Call it a good luck charm if you will. I can’t give you anything else brother. Don’t think I’m not watching you though” *He offers a smile* “I’m never truly gone”

Gabriel: You’re wrong, Michael. You DO have others that love you. You just…never wanted to open up to it. And I would never shut out those who care about me. I…I almost did that once. I guess…sometimes you don’t realize just how many care until you are in that position? *watching you holding the stone* What…*feeling it as you put it in my hand* This…you have carried this….all this time? *giving you a confused look* I thought…you didn’t want anything to do with Earth? *glancing back down at the stone* I….I don’t know what to say, Michael…

Michael:  ”I say a lot of things Gabriel. But what I wanted, was to embrace humanity like you did I just…didn’t have the courage. Not like you” *he gives a chuckle* “You won’t believe this but I’ve always been a little jealous of you little brother. You didn’t have the responsibilities that I had as a fledgling. Your time was always meant to be after mine and you had that time with….Israfel” *clearing his throat* “I ruined it for you Gabriel and I’m….sorry”

Gabriel:  Jealous? *chuckles* I remember you briefly told me that you were because I escaped Heaven? You thought that I was brave? And because I also embraced my humanity? So, it’s true? You really feel that way? I…I don’t even think I can be truly angry at you about that, big bro. I mean…I couldn’t remember it for so long. And now I am with her and we have a fam. There’s no need for me to angry at you. But…if you feel better at me accepting your apology? Then I do.

Michael:  *Letting out a sigh as he looks down at the ground* “Thank you Gabriel. I do feel better having told you. I wished I’d gotten to know your family before….” *turning to look at you, he looks sad for a moment* “I never really considered how badly I’d hurt you Gabriel but you have to realise that I only did what I did to keep you safe. If I could turn back the clock then I would but now is your time, not mine. You have to make heaven what it once was. The angels deserve a great leader. A great leader that I know you can be. You were born to this and you will rule for centuries”

Gabriel: *moving the stone in my hand* You really believe that. *looking up at you again* don’t you?

Michael:  *Looking down at the stone before looking back at you* “I always have. How I treated you in heaven….although misguided, was to prove to you that you were strong enough to stand up for yourself. I didn’t do it to be a bully. I can only apologise for that” *shaking his head* “You have to understand that this isn’t easy for me. Admitting that I was wrong for all those years….but I was.”

Gabriel: If you had said this to me back then I wouldn’t have believed you.  But now I know that things happen and we learn from them to become stronger and more aware. So I do understand now. But it doesn’t mean that it makes it any easier for me to get over or accept.

Michael:  “No and I understand that. I just wanted you to know before I had to…go. I can’t stay here forever Gabriel. As much as I want to.” *looking around him and leaning back on the bench a little* “You do realise where we are don’t you? Where you found me?”

Gabriel: This is…the garden in Heaven?

Michael:  *looking around him with a smile* “This is MY heaven. This is where I spend my time now that I’m gone. Out of all the places I’ve been throughout my life. The one place I came back to was where we used to place as children” *Looking over at you* “So you see? I still came home to where I should have been. Not when I was a ruler and the Lion of heaven. But when I was a fledgling and when we were young” *pointing to the other side of the stream where there is a rope swing in the tree* “Don’t you remember when we weren’t in lessons and on those days we escaped from the authority of tutors and generals. We used to come here and just…be children. I remember it with such fondness that when I died, I came right back”

Gabriel: *nods* I remember. And…I have to admit after what has happened I never would have guessed that this was your Heaven. I guess there are things I just don’t know about you. That you never wanted to be open about? *grins as I look at the tire swing* I do. I’ve always loved the fact that dad created a lot of this on Earth. So matter where we went we would always have Heaven with us.

Michael:  ”Very true” *he sits back and turns his face up to the sun, closing his eyes for a moment* “There are things I don’t know about you either Gabriel. I think we both missed out on a lot when it came to each other’s lives” *opening his eyes, he turns to look at you* and I don’t have the time to find out now. But that stone? Keep that with you. When we meet again. We’ll go for…what was it? A beer?” *chuckles* “I hope not to see you for centuries however. Once you’ve ruled for hundreds of years and you and your wife come and find me here”

Gabriel: A beer? Right. *points* And watching at least ONE porno and game of football!

Michael:  *he lets his head fall back as he laughs* “You’ve got it all planned. The rebellious little brother” *he smiles fondly as he stands up and holds out his hand* “Until we meet again Gabriel. I’ll have the drinks ready and you’ll find me right here. On this bench”

Gabriel: *looking up at you* Will I ever see you again?I mean…before I kick it?

Michael:  “The line is always open. I’m always listening” *he stands with his hand outstretched* “But I can’t stay for long. Think of it being an expensive long distance phone call. You’ve got the stone. If you really need to see me then I’m right here”

Gabriel: I understand *slowly getting to my feet as I shake your hand* I promise it will only be for emergency. Thank you, Michael. And…I know you will think this is mushy but…I love you, big bro. Could I…get a hug? Before you poof?

Michael:  *He shakes your hand with a firm grip and he looks happier* “I’m always watching Gabriel. Tell Israfel to keep baking and Jareth to mind his cornering on that snow mobile. Oh and tell Merlyn that Odin doesn’t like it when she pulls his tail” *chuckles* “Also your unborn child? Her birth is going to happen without any complications so please tell Israfel not to worry. I…love you too little brother” *he wraps his arms around you and holds you firmly to him* “Until we meet again. Rule with that voice you were gifted with” *pulling back, he swallows as he looks down at you* “You were born to this Gabriel. You’re ready to be a great leader”

Gabriel: *eyes widening as I hear your things about the fam*Wow. You really are watching. Aren’t you? *clearing my throat as I start to choke up slightly hearing about my unborn daughter* I…I will tell her. *reaching forward and returning the hug before pulling back* I…I will try. Thank you…

Michael:  “And don’t look so sad Gabriel” *taking a step back as a light appears behind him and begins to shine around him as his wings flare out* “This isn’t goodbye” *the light shines brighter and begins to make him fade* “merely, see you soon” *The light engulfs him completely and he’s gone. As it fades his voice comes towards you on a slight breeze* “I’m always watching little brother and I’ll always be here” *the light fades away and he’s gone*

Meet the newest addition to the Loki clan….Seren *grins* My present to @IsrafelAngel for Mother’s Day

Meet the newest addition to the Loki clan….Seren *grins* My present to @IsrafelAngel for Mother’s Day